ENTER TO WIN by Kirsten Jany

Reviews of fiction booksPosted by Stevan V. Nikolic Sun, September 13, 2015 19:00:21

Kirsten Jany’s novel “Enter to Win” is a murder mystery of the “who-done-it” genre that keeps readers attention from the first to the last page.

A stage for the story is Daytime Soap Opera Show struggling to improve ratings. The contest was held to find real life stories for the soap opera and four finalists were picked for the chance to win $200,000. They were brought to the rented mansion just as the Show’s director was murdered. They became the main suspects in the murder mystery, and the plot starts building up in the tension. Every new page reveals a new twist in the story and new guess. However, the author masterfully manages to maintain suspense and suspicion towards several suspects all a way to the end.

I find characters in this story well developed, and particularly enjoyed hearing their individual first-person narrations in succession as the story was unfolding.

In mystery writing, plot is everything, and writers usually follow standard rules. Kirsten Jany bends those rules and applies unusual plot development with surprisingly good outcomes. This produces particular intellectual challenge for the readers and joyful reading experience.

Jany’s writing style is original and refreshing. I can only predict that her books will find its way to many bookshelves in times to come and I warmly recommend it.

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