Reviews of fiction booksPosted by Stevan V. Nikolic Sun, September 13, 2015 18:58:35

Division of the Marked is a fantasy novel with well-crafted characters and a story that keeps reader’s attention from the first to the last page. The world that Mrs. McCarron created, as the setting for the story about fifty boys and girls chosen to be “marked” and separated from the society in order to be trained as “knowledge-keepers, martial artists, and possessors of strange and wonderful abilities”, could be an unlimited source for many more adventures of the characters inhabiting this fictional realm.

Aside from some discrepancies in the plot development of the three part novel, it was a delightful read. The characters of Bray and Yarrow are believable, likable, and well balanced throughout the story. Contrary to this, some of the side characters and the background structure of the two Chisanta groups - Chiona and Cosanta seem to be a bit unexplained. But I don’t see this necessarily as a drawback. Perhaps it was done on purpose. In any case, it didn’t take away anything from the overall reading experience.

While I am really impressed with this work, I am even more fascinated with the potential that Mrs. McCarron’s fictional world has for the creation of future adventures, maybe even a whole series of books. With the writing skills that Mrs. McCarron displayed in this novel, it is quite possible to become a great success.